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Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in Hervey Bay, resulting in an estimated 1,774 of deaths in Australia in 2016 alone. We all know that prevention is better than the cure and this could not be truer than for skin cancer. In fact, when a melanoma is detected early by your doctors at Fraser Shores medical centre, the cure rate is significantly higher, because it can be excised before it spreads to other parts of the body.

That is why Fraser Shores Medical Centre has invested in Fotofinder Mole Mapping which we believe is the most advanced technology to monitor your skin. Combined with regular check ups with your doctors at the Fraser Shores medical centre, we can monitor your skin effectively.

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What is FotoFinder?


FotoFinder is a computerised mole mapping system that the doctors at Fraser Shores Medical Centre use to create an accurate set of photos of your moles. The high-resolution camera is connected to a computer and transfers all photos directly to your doctor’s database, giving them the ability to compare your moles with photos from your previous visit, and immediately identify new moles or changes to existing moles on your body. All patients, whether they’re first-time or returning, can feel safe that any changes or new moles will not be missed with the doctors at Fraser Shores Medical Centre and the FotoFinder system.

Benefits of FotoFinder to map your moles

The advanced screening technology of the FotoFinder Bodystudio provides the regular monitoring and early detection needed, to combat skin cancer. The total body images are carefully documented for each patient, so that changes can be monitored over time.

Another benefit of the FotoFinder is the fact that it allows the doctors at Fraser Shores Medical Centre to provide copies of your photos on CD, for self-examination at home.

How much does it cost to get your moles mapped?

The FotoFinder is an additional service on top of the skin check at Hervey Bay Medical Centre. The cost for a full-body scan is just $120 and you can book this service by calling the clinic on 07 4124 6333.

Who should get mole mapping done?

At Fraser Shores Medical Centre we recommend all patients have a regular, six monthly skin checks. If any of the following questions apply to you, have your moles checked by your doctor at Fraser Shores Medical Centre:

  • Do you have multiple moles (more than 50)?
  • Is there a history of skin cancer in your family?
  • Have you already had a melanoma?
  • Do you have large moles (more than 2 inches in diameter)?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your moles?
  • Have you noticed any new moles on your body?
  • Did you have severe, blistering sunburns during childhood or adolescence?
  • Do you have very light skin?

The cost of a skin cancer check

At Fraser Shores Medical Centre we offer skin cancer checks at an affordable fee, making this vital service affordable to our patients.  DVA Patients are fully covered for this service.

(07) 4124 6333

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What is the next step?

Call Fraser Shores Medical Centre and book your skin cancer check with your doctor today, call 07 4124 6333.

(07) 4124 6333

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